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What is the lattice structure of the Larsen steel sheet pile?

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Larsen steel plate pile lattice structure can be connected with the arc of the grid, it can be a common straight partition plate type grid, lattice with 30 ° Y pile or 90 ° T pile (hereinafter referred to as shaped pile) to Connected to the Arc, 30 ° Y pile connection to the grid to leave a large space and reduce the grid in the ring tension. The lattice type lattice structure is connected with a 120 ° Y pile, and the lattice structure usually has four shaped piles. The profiled Pile is made of Larsen steel sheet pile by welding, riveting or high strength bolts.

Before the Larsen steel sheet pile lattice structure is installed, check the straightness, lock shape, Larsen steel sheet pile shape and laminated cracks of the Larsen steel sheet pile. If the inspection work is not careful, then the pile will not be inserted when the Pile is inserted, or the pile will be locked when piling.

So with a 2m long shape of the same lock, through each of the Larsen plate pile lock to check the Larsen steel sheet pile straightness, and scrapped along the Larsen steel sheet pile lock local kink, or extreme bending or warping Larsen steel sheet pile Each Larsen steel sheet pile must be clean and free of debris, sand blasting and spray protection. Paints must be cleaned when coated with iron and paint.

Check the size and connection of each shaped pile. When the profiled pile is made by welding, it is necessary to carefully check the welding quality, to prevent the lattice structure in the backfill filler at the welding of the pile at the strength of the failure The

The pebbles, sediments, slag and the influence of the lattice structure bearing capacity and stability of the mud or other undesirable soil excavation, and backfill easy to pile in the co sand

Larsen steel sheet pile structure construction is mainly applied to the following types of equipment:

1, grid spreader

The use of land-based assembly grid program must use a spreader to each grid pile together with the steel hoist together to the installation site. Larsen steel sheet pile in the pile before the pile should be higher in the surface of each pile marked the length Of the pile scale signs for sedimentation observation. 21 ~ 26m of the straight pile with a little hanging to be careful to prevent the Larsen steel sheet pile over the yield limit.

2, pay arc guide frame

The arc guide frame is supported by a lattice pile that has been installed. The arc guide frame should consider the possible displacement of the four deformed piles of the two lattices and 30 ~ 40cm in the longitudinal axis of the lattice.

3, steel bars

The steel diameter is the ground diameter of the lattice to provide sufficient sway and swivel space for the pilling of the Larsen steel. The outer diameter of the steel bars is 50 cm larger than the inner diameter of the lattice to provide sufficient sway and swivel space for the pilling of the Larsen steel Sheet pile, as well as the space through which the vibrating hammer chuck passes, steel bumps when the collision grid piles.

4, land assembly grid equipment and lifting equipment

The use of tower crane for land assembly grid, tower crane boom height should be greater than twice the maximum pile length. Lifting equipment must have sufficient lifting capacity. Xinsha a grid lifting weight of 303t (lattice pile weight 157t, steel re- Four positioning pile weight 24t, sling with weight 33t, balance block 19t), 500t floating crane hanging installation

5, water plug pile equipment

Using the two piling boats, one lifting steel bars and positioning the pile, the other in the steel will be settled after the positioning of the pile will sink to the holding layer. The piling vessel is preferably a double hook to allow for a "rocking" Operation of the closed Larsen steel sheet pile so that the Larsen steel sheet pile forms an appropriate closed arc and avoids kinks of the Larsen sheet pile. At the minimum pile level, the height of the piling arm crane hook at the underwater foundation shall be at Least twice the length of the Larsen sheet pile


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