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What is the purpose of omega sheet piles?


Omega sheet pile is widely used in large and small seaside structures, from small cruise ship launching facilities to large dock structures, ocean-going ships can load and unload cargo on these structures.


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The structural characteristics of 0mega sheet piles

What are the advantages of Shunli 0mega sheet pile?

What is the main purpose of 0mega sheet piles?


The structural characteristics of 0mega sheet piles

A common structure is that a wharf that extends into the port is composed of two rows of thin sheet piles, forming a space covered by soil and paved between the two rows of thin sheet piles.


The difference between the Omega sheet piles named after its shape and the U-type sheet pile is that the interlocking device is located on the side of the wall away from the neutral axis, which is specifically expressed in:

Clutch position allows sheet piles to be installed near existing structures

Continuously through the web, eliminating the need for interlocking shear reduction factors in the design

Lightweight and economical

Allowable minimum wall depth in shallow section

Uniform slice thickness

Omega sheet pile 

What are the advantages of Shunli 0mega sheet pile?

The Omega sheet piles looks like a U-shaped sheet pile, but the two sides of the Z sheet pile are interlocked. Somewhere, we call it a pile of lightweight plates. The advantage of Omega sheet piles is that they can be much wider than U thin sheet piles.

According to the production history, we have manufactured Omega sheet piles with a width of 900 or 1000mm. Due to the interlocking form, the web and flange plates will fall on the same straight line like a Z-shaped pile.

Omega sheet piles can be delivered in a single pile. If the thickness is very thin, special attention should be paid to the packaging method.

Product production range:

1. Thickness: 4-16mm

2. Length: unlimited, according to buyer's requirements.

3. Custom designs are also available and are welcomed in our company.

The Omega sheet piles in our factory can also be coated and anticorrosive.


What is the main purpose of 0mega sheet piles?

Compared with other materials, the use of Omega sheet piles has many advantages, because it plays a vital and unique role, The specific purpose is:

1. It has high resistance to driving stress.

2. Light weight

3. Can be reused in multiple projects.

4. Moderate protection, long service life on water or underwater.

5. Easy to adapt to pile length by welding or bolting

6. The joint is not easily deformed during driving.


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