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What is the reason for the leakage in the construction of steel piles

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Do not often use the steel sheet pile construction company often encountered in the steel piles of the foundation pit cofferdam construction, the soil just dug half of the phenomenon of leakage, then the steel sheet pile foundation cofferdam construction leakage is what reason? Here we and Pan Road, steel sheet pile of engineers together to look down!

Steel pillar foundation pit cofferdam

In fact, this is because it is in the soft soil geological conditions, and then the construction process of steel sheet pile is not tight enough to lead. For example, the use of the old steel sheet pile (corrective repair or maintenance is not complete, the lock at the bite is not good) too much, corner treatment is not good, or piling do not pay attention to the two plate pile lock is not tight, do not meet the requirements , It is easy to lead to more than half of the pit excavation when the phenomenon of leakage, or in the joints and corners at the leak.


It is best to choose a new Larsen steel sheet pile in the construction of steel piles in the soft soil. He can effectively block the flow of high-flow plastic sludge into the pit and form an effective water-proof curtain, which can be effective To overcome the support method in the slope of the foot and the ills of the crash. And the construction to ensure that the steel sheet pile can be inserted into the hard soil layer, to prevent the lower end of the steel sheet in the soft side of the slope.


In order to avoid the emergence of steel piles in the construction of cracks in the construction of cofferdam, it is necessary for the above reasons for strict control. The use of special types of corner piles; for cofferdam support; in the direction of the piling of steel sheet pile lock at the card board to prevent the displacement of the sheet pile, etc. And other means to ensure the quality of construction.

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