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What is the relationship between Larsen steel sheet pile construction and geological conditions

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Larsen steel sheet pile is a kind of edge with a linkage device, and this linkage can be free combination and arrangement, to form a continuous tight retaining or retaining wall of the steel structure support form, the use of very flexible. As the Larsen steel sheet pits meet the functional, appearance, practical value of these three people today when people choose building materials used by the standard, Larsen steel sheet pile through the application and extends to the entire construction industry, from the traditional water conservancy and livelihood projects The application until the application of environmental pollution control, and today we will introduce the Larsen steel sheet pile construction and the relationship between the geological situation.

Construction and Geological Condition of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile

First, the geological conditions determine the ease of piling the Larsen steel sheet pile, but in some cases, such as the formation of clay or sand and gravel, which contains some large particles of particles, it is difficult to determine the value of P Degree of difficulty. In this case, this time on the need to try to fight steel sheet pile. After a try, you should make a detailed evaluation and analysis of the difficulty of piling, then choose the appropriate piling machine and pile type, or consider whether you need to take an auxiliary method to carry out piling, such as the use of high pressure water gun or pre-drilling and so on Method to carry out the normal piling work. In addition, the permissible bearing capacity of the soil can be used to determine the difficulty of the pile, usually when the soil capacity of the allowable capacity of 180KPA, the pile is often difficult, the need to add additional auxiliary measures.

Followed by the geological situation determines the Larsen steel sheet pile construction process need to do support, and Larsen steel sheet pile support form is divided into cantilevered and supported structure.

Cantilever steel plate pile retaining wall without support without anchor, completely by the board to keep the depth of the retaining wall to maintain the stability of the retaining wall, lateral soil prone to deformation. In the construction of weak soil, only the foundation pit excavation depth of the temporary project, the foundation pit on both sides and there is no need to protect the underground pipeline and other structures, you can consider using this method to protect.

With the support structure Larsen steel sheet pile construction can be divided into two kinds of internal support and outside the anchor, Larsen steel sheet pile support is generally composed of steel support; outside the anchor anchor and anchor anchor two types. The stress transfer path of the retaining structure is: the envelope - the purlin - the support. In the geological conditions are better anchorage of the formation, the foundation pit support can be used anchor and anchor.

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