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What is the shape tolerances of pipe piles


Pipe piles are tubular products made of concrete, which are driven into the ground by pile drivers in a specific geological environment. As The foundation of buildings, pipe piles play a crucial role in the construction industry. This article will introduce the shape tolerances of pipe piles.

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The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Example of pipe pile model

  • Classification of pipe piles shape tolerance

  • Classification of pipe piles

  • The steel material of pipe piles

  • PHC pipe pile characteristics


1. Example of pipe pile model:

500mm represents the outer diameter of the pipe pile, 70mm represents the wall thickness, A represents the effective precompression stress of 4Mpa, C70- represents the concrete strength, 8, unit m, represents the length of the pipe pile.

Pipe piles are divided into A, AB, B and C types according to their bending resistance or effective precompressive stress. The effective precompressive stress values are 4Mpa, 6Mpa, 8Mpa and 10Mpa respectively. The calculated values should be within the range of their respective prescribed values. Prestressed pipe pile is mainly considered to bear longitudinal pressure, and its bending resistance should meet the requirements of pipe pile hoisting and stacking.


2. Classification of pipe piles shape tolerance

Pipe piles are divided into 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, 550 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm specifications according to the outer diameter. According to the outer diameter, PHC pipe pile is divided into 400, 500, 550, 600, 700, 800 a total of six specifications.


3. Classification of pipe piles

Pipe piles are divided into post-tensioning prestressed pipe piles and pre-tensioning prestressed pipe piles, prestressed concrete pipe piles (PC pipe piles), prestressed concrete thin-wall pipe piles (PTC pipe piles) and high-strength prestressed concrete pipe piles (PHC pipe piles). Pre-tensioning prestressed pipe pile is a kind of concrete precast member with long and thin hollow cylinder body made by pre-tensioning method and centrifugal forming method.

Pipe piles are divided into PC pipe piles, PTC pipe piles and PHC pipe piles according to concrete strength grade and wall thickness.The concrete strength of PC  pipe pile shall not be lower than C50 concrete, the strength grade of PTC pipe pile shall not be lower than C60, and the concrete strength grade of PHC pile shall not be lower than C80. PC pipe pile and PTC pipe pile generally adopt atmospheric steam maintenance, generally after 28 days to be beaten. And PHC pipe pile, after the release of the mold to enter the autoclaved steaming, after 10 atmospheres of pressure, 180 degrees or so autoclaved curing, concrete strength up to C80 from the molding to the use of the shortest time only three or four days.


4. The steel material of pipe piles

Prestressed pipe piles with steel bars, the implementation of standard of GB/T 5223.3 2005, products, code-named SBPDL 1275/1420, main specifications have Ф 7.1 mm, ф 9.0 mm, ф 10.7 mm, ф 12.6 mm.The package is coil. Main features of pipe piles: yield strength up to 1275 MPa, tensile strength up to 1422 MPa, good elongation (d8 '5%);The surface has periodic changes of the notch (3 ~ 6 spiral concave line), and the concrete has a good grip, has the same bond with 7 strand steel wire;Low carbon steel has good spot welding performance.PC steel bar cage can be easily used to produce concrete pipe piles by automatic mixed welding process. It has good upsetting property and can be used in field construction for upsetting and rolling. Anchorage is very convenient when it is used as a whole for steel bar pretension. PC pipe piles rolled up is in the elastic range, so the finished products will be unrolled automatically straight, and no need to straighten.The product has passed all kinds of strict physical and chemical inspection, and is an alternative product of rebar steel and building wire.


5. PHC pipe pile characteristics

(1)PHC pipe pile is in strict accordance with the national standard gb13476-92 and Japan JISA 5337 standard production, the concrete strength grade is not lower than C80.

(2) Single pile of PHC pipe pile has high bearing capacity and wide design range.In the same building foundation, pipe piles with different diameters can be used, which can easily solve the problem of pile distribution and give full play to the bearing capacity of each pile.

(3) single correction can be connected to any length, not limited by the construction machinery capacity and construction conditions.

(4) the quality of PHC pipe pile is reliable, and the pile length and pile mass after pile sinking can be monitored by direct means.

(5) PHC pipe pile has good resistance to hammer and crack and strong penetration.

(6) low cost.Its unit bearing capacity price is only 1/3-2/3 of the steel pile, and save steel.

(7) fast construction speed, civilized construction.

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