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What is the shape tolerances of pipe piles


What is the shape tolerances of pipe piles? Shape tolerance is an index value measuring the accuracy of the shape. Compared other choices of piles, pipe piles are cheaper but still effective, that is the reason why pipe piles are popular. The calculation process of pipe piles is very complex and invloves all aspects, including earth state, engineers’ design level, clients’ requests and local landscapes. Therefore, a delicate and accurate mathematical model is essential while a good design team is a guarantee of quality.



This article contains the following:

  • Definition

  • What effects shape tolerances 

  • How to calculate shape tolerances



Shape tolerances is the amount of variation allowed for the shape of a single actual element, that is, the accuracy of the geometric shape. Instead of an error on the reference, it is an independent error.There are many diiferent kinds of shape tolerances, containing width tolerances, length tolerances, thickness tolerances, out-of-squareness tolerances, edge-camber tolerances and others. The type of tolerances we choose depends on the pipe piles we applied in the constrction and is determined by many factors.

2、What effects shape tolerances 

Shape tolerance is decided by many factors during manufactoring process so standardized procedures are an vital guarantee for high-quality pipe pile installation. The type of workship, the speed and quantity of production, the expected quality of work, the type of labor, the order of operations, the avaliable equipment and its condition are all factors that muct be considered. 

3、How to calculate shape tolerances

Unlike the rough appearance of pipe piles, the manufacture of pipe piles is a delicate and accurate process. The parameters of the pipe piles, including the shape tolerance, are obtained in accordance with requirements of industry standards and combined with practical factors. These factors involve soil conditions, pipe pile properties, customer requirements and other aspects. The viscosity and the mechanical parameters of the ground, the type of the pipe piles and the pile length all determine the tolerance. For example, the structural capacity of pipe piles is calculated based on concrete strength and steel strength. The thickness of the steel should be reduced, to account for corrosion, to account for corrosion, typically reduced by 1/16 inch.


Above all are the brief introduction of shape tolerances of pipe piles. Pipe piles, as a economical and effective approach, is widely used in many fields like bridge construction and water conservancy.


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