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What is the size of pipe sheet piles?


What is the size of pipe sheet piles? Pipe sheet pile, in which pipe pile is provided with joints, is a kind of high-rigid material to construct walls. It is widely used in revetments, breakwaters and excavation earth retaining walls.The selection of types and sizes is diverse, which greatly increases the flexibility of the design of the construction systems. 



This article contains the following:

  • Different types of pipe sheet piles 

  • Different sizes of pipe sheet piles

  • Foundation of pipe sheet piles


 1、Different types of pipe sheet piles

According to the driving way of pipe piles, pipe piles can be divided into open pipe piles and closed end pipe piles.Open end pipe piles are usually used to penetrate a hard or a rock stratum. The piles sank into the soil after driving and the soil in the steel pipe is removed by a process of compressed air or water jetting. After driving the steel tube to the required depth, the steel tube is filled with standard specification concrete.


In this close end pipe pile, conical elements made of steel or cast iron are welded to the open bottom. These are cone-shaped shoes. Once the pipe is driven into the soil, it is filled with enough concrete.The diameter of the pipe pile used can vary from 0.25m to 1.2m. The thickness of these piles varies from 8 to 12mm. This type of pile works best for foundations larger than 30 inches.


2、Different sizes of pipe sheet piles

According to different joint designs, pipe sheet piles can be divided into P-P size, P-T size and L-T size. These letters describe the shape of joints. Thanks to these sizes, pipe sheet piles can be assembled freely by changing joit positions, whether into a curve line or straight line, appropriately for projects’ applications and purposes.The p-p size, in particular, provides excellent cut-off performance through the use of water treatment. In addition to the above advantages, they also have all the advantages of steel pipe piles.

3、Foundation of pipe sheet piles

There are mainly two methods of foundation. The first one is pipe sheet pile caisson foundation. Pipe sheet piles with P-P type joints are driven into the supporting layer. They are arranged in an closed form such as a circular, rectangle, or oval shape. Filling the mortar into the joints pipes and providing their heads with rigid connection by meams of footing allow a group of pipe sheet piles to behave as an whole foundation, which is employed with many long-span bridges and large structures. The other construction method developed to meet the needs for greatly reducing costs in constructing large-scale bridge foundations is hyper-well. The conventional steel pipe sheet pile foundation construction method is effectively combined with elemental technologies such as high damage resistance joints (hyper junctions), steel pipe concrete composite members, and cast-in-place piles, improving rigidity and bearing capacity of the foundation.


The introducyion of pipe sheet piles is as described above, it is widely used in harbor facilities, urban civil engineering and bridge. High rigidity and excellent work efficiency allows for reasonable desighing and good quality.


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