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What is the soil structure of the Larsen steel sheet pile project?

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First of all, in the construction of Larsen steel sheet pile, because the resistance at the connection lock is greater than the resistance around the steel sheet pile, the inertia of piling occurs. The problem is there, there will always be a solution.


We can at any time in the construction of detection, adjustment and control, and constantly to correct the vertical steel sheet pile. In the case of tilting, use the wire rope to continue to pull down,

Smooth steel sheet pile engineering applied to a variety of conditions under the soil structure, its application areas and advantages have been proven and confirmed. After some well-known Western engineers in Bremen developed the world's first U-shaped profile riveting convex interlocking steel sheet pile. Larsen steel sheet pile as a new type of building materials in the bridge cofferdam large pipe laying temporary ditch excavation of the retaining, retaining water, sand wall pier, unloading ward wall, retaining wall embankment protection shore, etc., play an important role in the project The The successful application of Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam technology in the construction of ultra-deep bearing platform with sand-based sandwich sandwich sandwich sandstone has achieved good social benefits.

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