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What is the steel sheet piles cofferdam and its application

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Today Jiangsu sanic steel sheet piles cofferdam and definition about the scope for everyone.
steel sheet piles cofferdam
steel sheet piles cofferdam is suitable for shallow depth and low pile cap 4 m thick sand, gravel soil and semi dry river bed above, steel sheet piles cofferdam water seal, water retaining structures, foundation in shallow water more construction application. Clay, rock weathering and other infrastructure projects.
The most commonly used steel sheet piles cofferdam is a lock with various sizes and interlocking forms. There is a common type of Larson, lackawanna.
Composition: steel sheet piles including supporting pile and pipe support. Steel cross section shape: straight chain, Z shaped groove, I, etc., can be made with a single double cofferdam. Bridge engineering foundation of general construction, shallow foundation pit and wooden box, deep foundation pit are generally used in steel and circular steel.


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