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What should be paid attention to in foundation pit excavation?

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After the construction of the steel sheet pile, how can the foundation pit be excavated, and what matters should be paid attention to when excavating the foundation pit?

1. After the construction of the sheet pile manufacturers is completed, the long-arm excavator is used for excavation of the foundation pit.

2. When the foundation pit is excavated to about 1 meter, the steel sheet pile is supported by the steel cofferdam.

3. The steel sheet pile cofferdam supports the long-length H-shaped channel steel, and uses 300 steel pipes as the inner horizontal support and the H-shaped channel steel cofferdam to weld firmly.

4. After confirming that the cofferdam is firmly supported, continue to excavate the foundation pit until the bottom of the excavation is designed.

5. After confirming that the foundation pit steel sheet pile support is stable and firm, the bottom of the foundation pit is manually excavated and leveled.

6. When the foundation pit is excavated, the displacements such as precipitation and sheet piles should be observed and tested regularly, and records should be made.

7. After the excavation of the foundation pit, it is generally not suitable to stack heavy objects. If heavy objects are to be piled up, the design load of the steel sheet pile should not be exceeded.

8. Before the foundation pit is excavated, the working area shall be demarcated at the construction site and a safety sign shall be set.

9. It is strictly forbidden to use steel materials that are broken, damaged, twisted, deformed and corroded.

10. The above unfinished matters shall be temporarily resolved at the scene, and other safety precautions shall be added on the site.


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