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What steps are involved in Larson steel sheet pile construction?

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Larson steel sheet piles are widely used in many ways. It can be said that its use is very extensive. As in the permanent buildings above, he had this very important purpose, at the dock; with steel sheet pile, can speed up the work efficiency, reduce the amount of time for steel sheet pile wall here, sometimes, if you're in the dock, you will see a big isolation plate. In the unloading yard, steel sheet piles have a lot of use, when unloading, you can use steel sheet pile. The role of steel sheet pile is very big for Levee Revetment. Here, the use of steel sheet pile is displayed. When the bridge was built, the steel plate pile was used again, and here he was the retaining wall.

Steel sheet pile is more and more widely used in engineering construction, so what are the methods of steel sheet pile construction? First of all, the construction of steel sheet pile should meet the requirements in construction, so that it is more convenient for foundation construction. During construction, excavation, transportation, construction and so on in mixed territory, do not support, also do not have to remove the support, support because he has certain support weight, so don't put weight on the support. In support line measurement, according to the foundation pit, groove design width requirements, to measure the steel pile bottoming line, to mark its location. In the inspection of steel sheet pile; for steel sheet pile, look at its surface is not standard, if the steel sheet pile appearance has certain corrosion, it is to measure the section thickness, and the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the steel sheet pile are examined, including the analysis of the chemical, bending the tensile test specimens, steel sheet pile, each specification must be a tensile test.

Piling up of steel sheet pile; steel sheet pile to put a large area of depressions due to gravity in no time to pay attention to pile up; stowage position, direction to the construction after taking into account the convenience of steel sheet pile of different brands should be put in different places. Steel sheet pile to layered, the number can not be more than five per stack, because the steel sheet pile construction is related to the safety of the project, is the key process for the project, the steel sheet pile when in use, with excavator beat, piling, to check the steel sheet pile, steel sheet pile to remove those quality poor. When piling, it is better to apply grease to the latch of the steel plate pile, so as to facilitate the penetration of the steel sheet pile. In the excavation process, to observe the change of the steel sheet pile, if the uplift state will immediately add a support, in the place of uplift pile up after the time, to use the vibration pile hammer, when the pile in order to pull, good after leaving for pile the time to handle,How reasonable the use of steel sheet pile is more secure can fill the air with sand pile.


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