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When playing steel sheet piles which problems are most prone

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Reasonable piling one important part of the construction, if progress has not been done will affect the efficiency of the project. How to avoid problems that can occur when playing steel sheet piles. Let us shun the force of steel industry experts to come and share with you:
Since the steel sheet piling is deviation and construction conditions as well as the production of steel sheet piles is in error, so that the actual length of the screen will not be guaranteed by steel sheet piles integral multiple of the standard width, so the final curtain closed steel sheet piles collapsed quite difficult.
When this happens, how to adjust it? General type of steel sheet piles sheet pile or close the curtains have been adopted in order to achieve a standard pile on and off-axis adjustment. In addition, we first sheet pile removal process is dependent on the additional effect of removing the pile lifting, it says, to overcome the resistance to reduce the tension of the pile surrounding soil aggregation. After removal of the steel sheet piles, in order to avoid a large number of holes are provided in the sand pile for hazardous materials, left for a landfill.


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