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When the steel sheet pile is finished, the following items should be paid attention to when pulling out the steel sheet pile

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As a kind of new building materials in the Larson steel sheet pile cofferdam, bridge construction, large pipeline, temporary ditch excavation for retaining, retaining water and sand retaining wall; in the wharf, unloading field wall, retaining wall, Levee Revetment, play an important role in engineering. As a cofferdam, Larson steel sheet pile is not only green and environmental friendly, but also has fast construction speed, low construction cost and good waterproof function. Then, after the end of the steel sheet pile construction, when pulling out the steel sheet pile, what items should be paid attention to? Below, and listen to Wuxi Heng Yong construction experts tell you one by one:

1、piling machine and auxiliary arm installation and demolition work, please on the flat and hard ground.

2、two or more or co operation with the guide, please press the required liaison signal operation.

3、when the pile driver for loading and unloading, please use the crane. The hook must have a device for preventing decoupling.

4、please check the motor, brake, hydraulic pipe, and every part of the bolts, nuts, shaft pins, whether loose or not. Oil (oil) capacity and leak check of pile driver.

5、The installation and disassembly of the auxiliary arm shall be carried out according to the installation and unloading of the hydraulic excavator bucket.

6、please check whether the clamping block is over worn.

7、please regularly remove the pile head soil, etc., if the pile head deformation, please don't get rid of.

8、when loading and unloading hydraulic pipes and connectors, please pay attention to turn off the engine of the hydraulic excavator, and wait until the internal pressure of the hydraulic system is eliminated. If there is still an internal pressure, it will be injected. About the method of eliminating internal pressure, please look at the operation manual issued by hydraulic excavator company".

9、on the hydraulic tube operation, when the high pressure operation, oil spills, contact the skin or into the eyes, will cause great danger to the human body, so please wear protective glasses and thick gloves. When the high pressure oil is ejected, the nozzle stops with a plug and takes the measures of stopping spraying.

10、when the shock absorption rubber cracks, before replacing the new vibration damping rubber, please don't boot.

11、high frequency hydraulic vibration pile driver and hook operation, please by certified, skilled driver for operation.

12、When piling and pulling out the pile, please install the auxiliary steel cable on the pile, then do the work.

13、when the hydraulic pipe rupture, please immediately stop piling, the pile adjustment to not fall or fall off state, turn off the hydraulic excavator engine.

14、piling, pulling pile operation, please do not exceed the maximum tensile load of the pile driver, there is damage to vibration damping rubber, pile driver off the risk.  Please pay attention to the maximum tensile load on the type of pile driver you are using.

15、please do not force piling, piling operations. Please do not operate under the condition of floating car body, it is dangerous.

16、in addition to the work of connecting piles, please do not stand on the side of the pile driver. Please don't leave the bolt off.

17、when the pile driver is running, be sure to clamp the block. And confirm the normal use of the hydraulic system.

18、absolutely not in the state of the pile is not clamped (called impact), because it will directly hurt the pile driver.

19、when the block with a pile, the block and the pile head should not have a gap, please fully tighten. Because the clip is not tight, it is easy to pile and fall off, and so on, very dangerous, please be sure to pinch.

20、when the steel sheet pile is used for driving and pulling the pile, the operation of the hydraulic excavator should be carried on average to the vibration damping rubber.  Confirm the vertical of the pile at the same time.

21、please do not pile in the case of arbitrary movement of the hydraulic excavator arm, prone to danger.

22、steel pile pulling pile, please don't cross drag.

23、please confirm that after the pile driver stops completely, then opens the clip mouth.

24、the continuous operation of the construction pile driver, according to the average pile every ten minutes or so for the standard, every hour to rest for 5-10 minutes. The time of operation of the chief engineer will shorten the service life of bearings, oil motors and gaskets.

Please don't operate the pile driver when 25. strong storm or rain.

When the 26. steel plate pile is pulled out, the movable tooth block should be clamped between the steel sheet piles.

Piling and pile 27. pile, if need to rotate the driver, please note that the hydraulic pipe should not be twisted or twisted.

28、be sure to use hanging rope when pulling out the pile.

29、when the rest and operation are interrupted,What are the requirements for installation of Larsen steel sheet pile support please turn off the engine of the hydraulic excavator.


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