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Where to use HZ combi-walls?


The continuous wall of HZ combi-walls composed of steel sheet piles has strong bearing capacity and lightweight structure, with high strength and rigidity. The waterproof performance is good, and the joints of the steel sheet piles are tightly locked, which naturally prevents leakage.


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The chemical composition and mechanical properties of HZ combi-walls materials

What are the applications of HZ combi-walls in the industry?

The application environment of HZ combi-walls in geotechnical engineering

The chemical composition and mechanical properties of HZ combi-walls materials

In terms of construction, the HZ combi-walls are simple to construct, can adapt to different geological conditions and soil quality, reduces the amount of earthwork for foundation pit excavation, and occupies a larger working space. The durability is good, and the service life can reach 50 years depending on the use environment.


In addition, the HZ combi-walls ares environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of soil and concrete, and can effectively protect land resources. This operation has high efficiency and is very suitable for rapid implementation of disaster prevention, flood prevention, flood prevention, landslide, quicksand, earthquake and other disaster prevention and prevention work.

The most important performance is that the material of HZ combi-walls can be recycled and reused. In temporary projects, it can be reused 20 to 30 times. Compared with other single structures, the HZ combi-walls are lighter and has greater deform ability, and is suitable for preventing and handling various geological disasters.

HZ combi-walls 

What are the applications of HZ combi-walls in the industry?

From the use of traditional water conservancy projects and civil technology, to the application of railways and tram tracks, to the application of environmental pollution control, the application of HZ combi-walls steel sheet piles runs through and extends to the entire construction industry.

Function, appearance and practical value are the standards adopted when people choose building materials today. The HZ combi-walls steel sheet pile meets the above three requirements: the elements of its manufacturing components provide a simple and practical structure that meets all the requirements of structural safety and environmental protection; the application of HZ combi-wall is very attractive.


In addition, the practical value of HZ combi-wall is also reflected in the innovative production of many new products. For example: some special welded buildings, metal plates made of hydraulic vibratory pile drivers, are sealed and joined together. Treatment of sluice and factory paint. Many factors ensure that steel sheet piles remain one of the most important manufacturing components.


The application environment of HZ combi-walls in geotechnical engineering

HZ combi-wall is not only conducive to the excellence of steel, but also conducive to the research and development of the steel sheet pile market, is conducive to the optimized design of product characteristics, and better meets the needs of users.

Water conservancy project:


Road and rail

Dock wall, repair wall, retaining wall

Construction of docks and shipyards, separation walls

Wharf protection piles, (pier) bollards, bridge foundations

Radar rangefinder, slope, slope

Sinking the railway, retaining groundwater


Waterway civil engineering:

Waterway maintenance

retaining wall

Consolidate the roadbed and embankment

Park equipment to prevent chafing

Pollution control of water conservancy projects:

Contaminated places, fence filling

(In the river) ship locks, sluices, vertical sealed fences



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