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Which Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam water sealing method

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Larsen steel piles are made both domestic and imported, and the quality of imported Larsen steel piles is very good, so the fame is bigger and It is common for river waterproof cofferdam. How to effectively use the Larsen steel sheet pile in the river cofferdam project simple, efficient waterproof water, is very scientific attention.

Waterproofing method of Rosen steel sheet pile cofferdam

Larsen steel sheet pile in the water when the cofferdam pay attention to points is not bad, otherwise there may be leakage, generally in order to ensure that the joints between the steel sheet pile is sealed in the steel sheet when the beat will use cotton, Butter, etc. Fill the stuffing seam.

1、while ensuring the vertical degree of Larsen steel sheet pile at the same time, plug in the Larsen steel sheet pile lock can be coated with butter, increase the speed of decline and reduce friction;

2、while pumping side of the steel sheet pile along the seam slip more dry, in the role of water under the fine sand will be inhaled in order to achieve the purpose of plugging;

3、each pumping 1m deep stop for some time, is the use of water within the support, found that leakage in a virtue manner;

4、strictly control the quality of the weld, in doing according to the number of design requirements to install the internal support;

5、pay attention to the cofferdam internal pumping process, if found in the water after the use of some coarse sand, cement after the closure of the steel sheet pile in the leakage outside the plugging, and then Larsen steel sheet pile did not do A good job of the location of the adjustment. These coarse sand, cement can quickly put the bottom of the steel sheet pile into the water, the price is very cheap.

6、to solve the problem of steel sheet pile water, sealing material for the ordinary materials, low cost, and the mixing is relatively simple, can quickly and easily carry out sheet sheet underwater plugging; steel sheet pile cofferdam construction is the use of Cofferdam Inside and outside the head of the poor, to borrow the role of water adsorption, the concrete sand, saw powder, cement and other water into the leakage of steel sheet pile gap in the gap will be filled to achieve the effect of water.


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