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Why We Choose Cold-Rolled Sheet Piles ?

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Cold-rolled sheet pile is becoming more and more popular in world market and in various sheet piling projects.
In previous years, cold-rolled sheet piling are used as a substitute of hot-rolled sheet piles and mainly have been used in temporary projects. But nowadays, cold-rolled sheet piles have changed its role as a competitor of hot-rolled sheet piles, since numerous projects have proved that cold-rolled sheet piles have the equivalent properties to hot-rolled sheet piles.
Besides the equivalent properties, the cold-rolled sheet piles might have the following advantages beyond hot-rolled sheet piles:
1. Customized Design
By the cold-rolled production line and various combinations of rollers, tens of thousands of different dimensions for cold-rolled sheet piles are available, making it possible for clients to customize their own sections with a better pile property but a lower weight.
2. Customized Length
The cold-rolled sheet piles are cut from the production line directly one by one, customized length is available to avoid cutting losses.
3. Better Driven Performance
Cold-rolled sheet piles have got uniform thickness at all parts of the section, compared to hot-rolled sheet piling which have only 6.5 or 9.5mm at the interlock part. Uniform thickness makes the cold-rolled sheet piles better for driven and will not be easily damaged at the interlock during installation.
4. Faster Delivery
When we manufacture cold-rolled sheet piles, we only have to procure the raw materials, change the roller and start production, normally the delivery time could be 20-45 days based on the quantity of the order.
5. Environment Friendly
Making cold-rolled sheet pile will not cause air pollution compared to hot-rolled sheet piling.
Shunli Steel Group, the largest manufacturer of cold-rolled sheet piles and tubular pipe piles in China is offering his clients with the best-quality sheet piles with a guaranteed delivery time.


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