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Why is the first choice for Raschen steel sheet pile?

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At present, the traditional river protection measures are used in the "stakes and stone soil fixation method", of course, some relatively developed cities using "steel cement and cement law", and then there are a small part of the more developed cities are "steel sheet Protection law ", in the use of these building materials, the different materials determine the effect of different protection. Here we come to the road with the engineers to see why the developed city river protection preferred Larsen steel sheet pile?

    Cement berm, stone lumps, these methods do no matter how long the river in the impact of the river, the bottom of the river sediment will be washed away, the bottom of the river dike damage.

    The Larsen steel sheet pile can penetrate into the river bottom, outside the river bank to block the impact of the river, with the cement reinforced soil structure, effectively prevent the embankment underground engineering soil loss, to avoid the possibility of collapse.

   Relative to China's development of Japan in the river protection, the terminal construction of a lot of the use of Larsen steel sheet pile, Japan's Larsen steel sheet pile started relative to China is also developed a lot. Larsen steel sheet pile in the construction of foreign construction base in the field of application has been a hundred years of history, through the construction of the practice, the continuous improvement of Larsen steel sheet and product development, Larsen steel sheet pile of useful.

    Lincoln Steel Sheet Piles A reusable green environment-structured steel material with high strength, light weight, good water resistance, high durability, high construction efficiency, less land and other unique advantages, additional investment, will involve the highway, waterway , Port and terminal construction. The excellent characteristics of the steel sheet pile make it in the excavation retaining wall, temporary revetment, cofferdam works with steel sheet pile as a water retaining project, which Larsen steel sheet pile for the most, quality assurance, it is these reasons Decided to determine the choice of river protection Larsen steel sheet pile, of course, we also hope that Wuhan in the future construction of the project can be used more to Larsen steel sheet pile.


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