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YSP I,YSP U-5,YSP II,YSP U-9,YSP III sheet pile

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In the solutions provided by sheet pile, YSP II or YSP III or YSP IV force (bending moment, shear force, anchoring force and earth pressure) are compatible with wall displacement at all points. The case (a) is usually called the free earth support method. A-30 is the best choice for sealed plate pile interlocking. However, we must emphasize YSP I, which is "gravity open" without considering the cumulative YSP U-23 effect of tectonic sequence. In case of (d), the passive pressure is fully developed on both sides of the wall to prevent lateral deflection and rotation at C. Following YSP II is a general comment on A-30 installation and performance. The maximum uncertainty of this method is to select soil stiffness parameters sheet pile manufacturers , so this method is applied to assess the sensitivity of solution to soil stiffness changes.

YSP U-5 or YSP U-9 is a two component product mixed with 15:1 ratio. Terzaghi (1955) pointed out that the force in the system is relatively insensitive to the large variation of soil stiffness, although the calculated displacement is significantly affected. The coefficient of expansion is about 3 times of the volume. 1. place the YSP III sheet pile horizontally in the horizontal position, and the receptacle socket is exposed. Thoroughly clean. Case (c) and (d) show the effect of increasing penetration depth. In cases (b) and (c), the passive pressure increases to prevent the transverse deflection at C; although the force and displacement are compatible in the solution, it is necessary to realize that the calculated deflection represents the deformation of the wall only and does not include the displacement of the whole wall / soil mass.

The steel plate heap into YSP I and YSP V socket parts are locked to the appropriate depth. Before applying A-30, measure the maximum clearance between pile interlocking at the widest position (male / female side). The passive pressure in front of the wall is not enough to prevent lateral deflection and rotation at C point. However, there is still a spin. This is often referred to as the fixed YSP U-15 earth support method, because C points are basically fixed. Case (a) and (d) represent the two extremes in design. In addition, the solution can be used for intermediate to final stages and allow YSP IV multiple anchors.

When exposed to high YSP-II and YSP-I or moisture, the material may turn white. This chapter discusses the engineering considerations of sheet pile wall construction. Design in granular soil - it shows the pressure distribution of the anchored sheet pile wall in granular and cohesive soil. The following YSP V design procedures recommended in Teng1 can be used: the purpose is to provide an overview of the installation and design for the design and construction engineers and their impact on the design. The free earth support method - this YSP U-9 method is based on the assumption that the soil at the lower end of the pile can not effectively limit the amount of passive YSP U-5 pressure to the degree of negative bending. Time. Some situations may even need to change the wall alignment. The impact of piling on nearby buildings or embankments should also be considered.


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