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design of sheet pile walls_sheet pile foundation

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Steel sheet pile plays a very important role in today's engineering, and it has solved some construction problems to a great extent. However, in the construction process will inevitably appear some problems, such as in the steel sheet pile construction often appear steel sheet pile leakage situation, that design of sheet pile walls appeared the problem when how to deal with? Wuxi Heng Yong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. to tell you how to save?

In the steel sheet pile plugging, the general practice with cotton and butter filling seam filling process in steel sheet pile up. This approach can not achieve the desired effect. Later, sheet pile foundation found a way to solve this problem effectively.

In the steel sheet pile inserted after all start pumping installation waling, the side pumping side along the steel sheet pile joints slip under relatively dry fine sand, fine sand with water pressure will reach within the joint inhaled plugging, AU PU and GU sheet piles for large deformation joints in waling after installation of cotton wadding filling. This method has been recognized and effectively solved the problem of steel sheet pile leakage.


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