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how long does a clutch last


Most clutches have a design life of approximately 60,000 miles before they need to be replaced. Some may need to replace 30,000 miles, while others can continue to travel more than 100,000 miles, but this is not common. So, how long can the clutch last when installing steel sheet piles?


The factors that determine the long-term use of the clutch.

How long can the clutch last?

How to extend the service life of the clutch?


The factors that determine the long-term use of the clutch.

In fact, the clutch suffers a certain degree of wear during normal use, so it is common to replace the clutch. However, predicting how long the clutch will last is like solving a complex equation with multiple variables. Any of these variables will have a major impact on how the equation is generated.

Basically, if the clutch performs less work, its life will be longer. If you are not eager to use a lot of high-end equipment, or if you are not a truck driver dragging a heavy drilling rig on the mountain, which will put a lot of pressure on gravity, doing less and not doing will help the clutch to live longer.


How long can the clutch last?

If the correct rules are followed, the clutch life will reach 50,000 miles (80,467 kilometers), or even up to 175,000 miles (281,635 kilometers). However, if the operation method is not standardized, the service life of the clutch will be greatly shortened.


How to extend the service life of the clutch?

Do not use the clutch when it is not needed. At the beginning, please let go slowly. If the ground is not flat, sometimes the power supply will be insufficient. The technology of the inverted pile control clutch is different, and the accelerator needs to be temporarily increased; when the inverted pile controls the clutch, the clutch must be quickly depressed when the clutch is stepped on.


Among them, when using the clutch, install the sleeve seat on the top of the motor main shaft, install the sprocket on the gear sleeve along the direction, install friction plates on both sides, and install the positioning ring. Install in the inner hole. The clamping piece is installed on the outside of the sprocket, the end gland is installed on the outside of the clamping piece, and the pin is installed between the two.


More importantly, the end nut is fixed on the end gland and sleeved on the top of the pin, and the fixing ring of the elastic element is installed on the pin. Jiangsu Shunli Steel Group adopted a new technical solution to realize the elastic pre-tightening of the cold rolling mill clutch and the hot rolling mill clutch through elastic elements, effectively eliminating the axial gap caused by the wear of the sprocket and friction disc, and the effect of force has reached the purpose of overload protection!



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