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how to replace tie rod


The maintenance work of the pull rod varies from large to small. Some can only go to the car shop to ask for help, but sometimes it can be completed by simply replacing a few screws. Next, we will introduce a variety of simple repair methods that we can deal with by ourselves, so that we will not be helpless when encountering accidents.Every part of the pull rod has a service life. How to replace the tie rod?


Methods and steps of replacing the tie rod .

When do I need to replace the tie rod?

Exchange method of steel cable type tie rod.


Methods and steps of replacing the tie rod.

Remove the tie rod dust cover.In order to prevent water from entering, there are dust covers on the pull rod. Use pliers and opening to separate the dust cover from the direction machine.

Remove the connecting screw between the tie rod and the turning joint.Use No.16 wrench to remove the screw connecting the tie rod and steering knuckle. If there is no special tool, use a hammer to knock the connecting part to separate the pull rod and steering knuckle.

Remove the connecting ball head between the tie rod and the steering gear.Use a spanner to screw it down in the groove. Some cars are of round design. At this time, you need to use a pipe wrench to remove the ball head. After the ball head is loosened, you can take down the tie rod.

Install a new tie rod.After comparing the pull rod and confirming that the accessories are the same, it can be assembled. First, install one end of the pull rod on the steering gear, rivet the lock plate on the steering gear, and then install the screw connecting with the steering knuckle.

Tighten the bellows.Although this is a very simple operation, it has a great effect. If this place is not handled properly, the water in the steering gear will cause abnormal noise. You can glue both ends of the dust boot and then tie it with a tie.

Four wheel alignment.After replacing the tie rod, be sure to do the four-wheel alignment, and adjust the data within the normal range, otherwise the toe in is not correct, leading to tire gnawing.


When do I need to replace the tie rod?

Some people will continue to use the tie rod even if it is concave or broken, but if the round ball at the end of the tie rod is missing and makes the tie rod sharp, it will be very dangerous in case of an accident. In addition, if the tie rod is too short, the finger will also be difficult to control the output.


Moreover, once the tie rod is bent and deformed, it can't be repaired. As long as it is repaired, it will be concave and broken directly. Therefore, if the tie rod is bent when traveling, the best way is not to straighten it.


Exchange method of steel cable type tie rod.

Most of the clutches of cars that need to shift gears are cable type, so let's first introduce the exchange method of cable type tie rod. Basically, the tie rod is fixed with only one screw, and there is a locking nut on the inside to prevent the screw from loosening, so the locking nut should be removed at the beginning. If you want to remove the lock nut, plum blossom wrench or T-shaped wrench is the most basic tool. If you only have an open-end wrench, the screw head is easy to slip off and deform, so you need to be careful in operation.


The next step is to loosen the screw. If it is an oil pressure type tie rod, the tie rod can be removed as long as it is in this way.Then you can remove the steel cable and adjust the tension device of the steel cable. There is a notch on the top of the device. This larger ring can fix the tightness. If it is too tight, you can adjust it with pliers.


Next, turn the smaller screw and turn the opening of the two screws to the same direction as the opening of the clutch tie rod. In this state, pull the cable outward to remove the rod.Since the end of the cable is still fixed on it, please pull it out.When installing a new clutch tie rod, a thin layer of lubricating oil can be applied on the movable part of the tie rod and the screw to make the whole operation more smooth.


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