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how to use omega sheet piles


The composition of Omega sheet piles is neither Z pile nor U pile, so it is designated as a special category. Omega sheet piles have continuous webs, so shear stress can be transmitted through the webs. So how to use Omega sheet piles exclusively?



Which wall is suitable for Omega sheet piles?

What are the specifications and characteristics of Omega sheet piles?

How to use Omega sheet piles?


Which wall is suitable for Omega sheet piles?

Omega sheet piles are very suitable for installing continuous walls of limited height. For example, cold-formed sheet pile section PAL / PAU. Their shape is to achieve the best cross-sectional modulus of the best ratio, with a maximum cross-sectional modulus of 1100 cm and a thickness of 3.0 to 8.0 mm.


The slices of Omega sheet piles can be transported through machined holes in two different forms. It should be noted that Omega sheet piles can only be connected to a series of cold-formed profiles with different interlocking shapes. In addition, the PAL 27 series in Omega sheet piles is very suitable for repeated use!


What are the specifications and characteristics of Omega sheet piles?

Omega sheet piles are named after their shape. The difference with the U-shaped pile is that the interlocking device is located on the side of the neutral axis of the wall.


The specific specifications of Omega sheet piles are cold-formed PAL / PAU / OT / OMEGA sheet piles. Among them, OT/Omega sheet piles are produced by ArcelorMittal's Oriental Sheet Pile Plants in Malaysia and China. PAL/PAU steel sheet piles are manufactured by ArcelorMittal, France.


l The position of the clutch allows the sheet pile to be installed near the existing structure

l Continuously through the web without the need to use interlocking shear reduction factors in the design

l Lightweight and economical

l Allowable minimum wall depth in shallow section

l Uniform section thickness


How to use Omega sheet piles?

The U-shaped symmetrical form of Omega sheet piles is easy to reuse and has uniform cross-sectional thickness. The numbers quoted in the U-shaped section indicate the fully expanded section modulus and moment of inertia.


The designer should ensure all shear transfers in the interlock or consider appropriate project-specific shear reduction factors for the interlock. Since the maximum width of a single pile is 921 mm, the installation speed is very fast.


Please review the listed examples of correct interlocks.

When the sheet pile leaves the ground, screw the connector into the interlocking device.

Adjust the connector to the correct position.

Fixed or spot welded connectors. Usually, ~250mm (~10") welding connecting the connector to the top of the sheet pile is sufficient.

Drive/remove the paper stack as usual (connector is connected).


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