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light sheet pile NL

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Lightweight sheet piles have been designed and manufactured since the late 1980s and are now the leading manufacturer of cold rolled/formed sheet piles, providing a global network. The development of rolling angle makes the new generation bearing pile realize. Nippon steel sheet pile manufacturers are used in a wide range of construction projects, including port and port construction, River improvement, retaining and cofferdam.

The group has production bases in Malaysia, China and Arabia, the United Arab Emirates. The production time is fast and the product quality is guaranteed. By interlocking multiple sheet piles and the same number of Omega rods, closed pipes can be sequentially driven into the ground. NL-1N, NL-2N, NL-2U are highly valued for their excellent quality and efficiency.

The goal of steel sheet pile is to use our extensive professional knowledge to provide customers with efficient and high quality products and services to meet their clear and implicit requirements. The ability to drive closed piles through piles means that steel bearing foundations can be installed in sensitive locations and urban areas where impact-driven piles cannot be tolerated. Nippon Steel, with its rich rolling, manufacturing and application technologies accumulated over the years, has further increased. The excellent performance of sheet pile has recently developed a variety of new products and construction methods in this field, which has also won a high reputation for the company.

The method of sheet pile depends on the requirements of customers. In addition to reducing the environmental interference provided by the system, the foundation can also carry out payload testing during installation, and can be loaded immediately. NL-3, NL-3U, NL-5N think that just providing products is not enough, so the level of customer support when considering purchasing products is unprecedented. Nippon Railway will continue to strive to develop new products, give full play to the performance of sheet piles, and meet more stringent and diverse user needs in the future.

This includes general recommendations from customer selection to complete engineering support and design, as well as necessary accessories such as paint, tie rods and other projects related to sheet pile work. The construction method of prefabricated sheet pile unit can realize the rapid implementation of pollution-free in the field of offshore civil engineering and waste disposal. In addition, once the service life of the structure passes through the reversal of the installation process, it is possible to extract the pile. Large pile driving is called sheet pile driving solution, such as NL-1N, NL-2N, NL-2U, NL-3, NL-3U, NL-5N. They are wide flange steel sheet piles and welded steel sheet piles. This is the most recent product lineup.

DimensionsWeightPer meter of wall

TypesThicknessWidthHeightPer pilePer wallModulus of SectionMoment of Inertia


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