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nvestigation of steel sheet pile application in domestic and foreign consumption

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Application of steel sheet pile penetrating and extending to the whole building industry, from the traditional water conservancy and civil engineering and technology used by rail and tram has been used to environmental pollution control application. Steel sheet pile practical value has been reflected in the innovation, making many new products such as: some special welded structures; through hydraulic vibration pile driver made of metal plate; seal combined sluice and paint processing factory. There are many factors to ensure the steel sheet pile remains a most useful manufacturing component elements, namely: it not only has the excellence to the quality of the steel, but also conducive to the research and development of the market of the steel sheet pile; optimization design for the characteristics of the product to better meet the needs of users.

In engineering construction, the cold rolled steel sheet pile has a narrow application range, most of which are only used as materials for the application, and the hot rolled steel sheet pile is the main product of the engineering application. In the 60s of the 20th century, hot rolled steel sheet pile has been widely used in western developed countries, which has been widely used and rapidly developed in the market.

In Asia, steel plates were first used in japan. In 1903, Japan imported for the first time in 1931 eight streamers of steel sheet pile, steel company started production of steel sheet pile, after 1960, the width of 500mm steel sheet pile, 1997 developed a 600mm wide steel sheet pile, 2005 Nippon Steel developed 900mm new wide steel sheet pile to the widest in the world. After nearly 80 years of development, Japan has reached the world advanced level in the research and development of steel sheet pile, design research, construction methods and pile equipment manufacturing.

At present, the global annual consumption of steel sheet pile nearly 3 million tons, of which Europe is about 500 thousand ~ 600 thousand tons, North America also amounted to more than 500 thousand tons. In Asia, Japan's annual consumption is 500 thousand to 600 thousand tons, South Korea is about 200 thousand tons, Southeast Asia is close to 200 thousand tons (including Singapore's annual consumption of 100 thousand tons). ,

It is known that the consumption structure of foreign hot rolled steel sheet pile is roughly: 60% permanent structure used for one-off use, about 40%% used repeatedly in temporary structure. The repeated use of steel sheet piles is operated by professional piling leasing companies, such as Thyssen Krupp, Germany, which has 13 chain operated professional piling and leasing companies in Germany, covering the German domestic market basically. At present, steel sheet pile leasing and piling capacity in Japan exceeds 1 million tons / year, and the annual turnover of steel sheet pile is more than 3 times (the whole application cycle is depreciated by 8 amortization). In addition to Japan, the leasing and piling industry of steel sheet piles in Singapore and South Korea is also well developed.

Steel sheet pile products are divided into two types: cold-formed thin-wall steel sheet pile and hot rolled steel sheet pile according to production process. Cold rolled steel sheet pile is made of thin plate (8mm ~ 14mm in thickness), which is made of cold bending forming machine. The production cost is low and the price is cheap, length control is also more flexible. However, due to the simple processing method, the thickness of each part of the pile is the same, the sectional size can not be optimized, resulting in the increase of steel quantity; the shape of the lock mouth is difficult to control; the buckle at the joint is not tight enough to stop the water.

Restricted by the ability of cold processing equipment, only the production of steel strength level is low, the thickness is thin products; and bending stress generated in the process of large pile used in easy tear, application is limited. Hot rolled steel sheet pile is formed by billet rolling machine and rail beam mill or universal mill by high temperature rolling. It has the advantages of size specification, superior performance, reasonable cross section and high quality. The hot rolled steel sheet pile is divided into the U type, Interpretation of layout and frequency of steel sheet pile monitoring the Z type, the straight line type, the H type and the tube type and so on.


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