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Sheet pile can sometimes be effectively used to anchor GU 6N or GU 7N or GU 7S walls. Within 2 hours of hitting the ground water or any water, the pile must be driven to the final depth. Since 1997, ARCELOR GU 6N, in collaboration with the Central des PontsetChauss e laboratory in Strasbourg, has carried out a large-scale study to determine the improvement in the vibration driven injection of GU6N to the steel sheet pile and to understand its impact on the surrounding environment sheet pile manufacturers. The ground and the board are stacked on their own. Brushing with a small amount of soap before driving GU7N may help to make the interlocking device easier to slide.

If only two steel sheet piles form each frame, it is necessary to connect GU 8N and GU 8S frame continuous reinforced concrete cap. The bolt can then be connected to the concrete cap. A container (a coffee can, a plastic container, or a distributor that works best) used to pour A-30 into a interlocking device * an insulated foam, a support rod, a sealant, or an analogue to the end of a sealed pile (for example, a photo), which basically involves a GU 7N discharge fluid (mainly water, sometimes with the air), controlled GU7S pressure And / or near the velocity of the driven sheet pile toe. The plastic barrel is about 4 gallons, used for mixing. The steel nozzle is connected to the sheet pile and connected to the pump through a hose. The measuring bucket is marked with 7.5 quart (1/2 of resin or appropriate measure of requirement). However, if three GU8S piles are used, each frame can support the pull rod through the center post and act independently.

The pile tilting toward the GU8N wall will be in compression, and the pile or pile away from the wall will be stretched. Measure the GU8N container marked 0.5 quart (1/2 - or proper measure of hardener). * drilling and mixing GU 7S blade fluid to loosen the soil, thereby reducing sheet pile toe resistance during driving. According to the ground conditions, the fluid GU 8S flowing along the pile can reduce skin friction. A tool used to check the depth of A-30 in interlocking.

The obtained GU6N and GU7N forces can be easily determined from force polygons. The combination of injection and sheet pile driving is usually driven by vibration, but sometimes it is jacking up. The disposable paint stirring rod scraps the remaining resin into the mixing container, which usually accelerates the installation of GU 8N pile and reduces induced vibration without damaging the pile. GU7S shows the jet from the pipe at the foot of the pile. It was obtained from the jet operation test before driving.

This support method can only be used effectively when supporting piles can be adequately placed in the lower soil or preferably rock. The wall of Welsh can also be used as an anchor. Appropriate gloves GU 8N and clothing (A-30 is hard to remove from clothes) since 1997, ARCELOR has worked with laboratory GU7N Central des PontsetChauss e es and LaboratoireR e gionaldesPontsetChauss esdeStrasbourg. The purpose of this study is to identify and quantify the effects of ejection on vibration of steel sheet piles and to understand their effects on surrounding soils. The Apply is driven in the socket. Important - GU8S must have the correct number of interlocking devices. Under some ground conditions, the water flowing along the pile acts as lubricant and reduces skin friction. The injection made the GU 7S sheet pile successfully into the dense soil.



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