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sheet pile PAZ 4550,PAZ 4560,PAZ 4570

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Steel sheet piles PAZ4550 and PAZ4560 are applicable to situations where one or more horizontal anchors are required, while anchors using tie bars are usually limited to the need for single stage PAZ4550 anchors. All exercises will start with the announcement, "this is a drill, this is a drill". Anchor bolt and rod must provide protection for anticorrosion.

If equipped, a lifeboat exercise will be held. It is held at least once a month sheet pile manufacturers. The manoeuvre will include analog damage. The fire brigade will consist of a sufficient number of trained seafarers (about 6 people) to enable PAZ4560 to properly handle the needs of each ship. The percentage of the design tension of the prestressed anchor is high, while the anchorage of the PAZ 4570 with a pull rod is little or no prestress on the wall. The fire observer will issue an alarm before attempting to extinguish the fire. The fire brigade will call for the equipment needed near the PAZ4570 fire station. The construction plan of the wharf wall is as follows: after the retaining wall, the existing position of the main components, HZ 775 A and the secondary component AZ 26, is driven to the design depth (NN - 34.5 m), and the subsequent soft soil is intended to be dredged under water to the level of NN -17 meters.

The distribution of lateral earth pressure on anchorage wall is affected by the construction method and sequence of PAZ 4550 wall and the prestress of anchor cable. The report will be sent to the event commander or designated officer at each stage of the drill. On the dredged base after cleaning, the diameter of the bottom anchorage layer 6.25 "PAZ 4560 bolt should be placed together with the anchor plate, each main component (a = 2.27 m) an anchor. If there is a spare ship, it will be transferred to the standby position. 5. all board personnel who do not involve fire fighting PAZ4570 or PAZ 4550 important ships will be convened according to the arrangement and will be sent to the event commander or designated person.

Anchorage walls usually enter the bottom of PAZ 4550 walls from top to bottom during construction. All crew members will be told when to dump the dummy on PAZ 4560. The rescue team will be assembled on a designated ship. Next, the bottom anchorage layer should be embedded in the underwater dumping sand, until NN-12.50m, moving from the anchor plate to the retaining wall. If there is any, a ship will be on standby.

A lookout will be placed without doing anything but watching the person fall into the water and constantly point to him. If the PAZ 4560 packing is placed behind the PAZ 4570 wall, special factors should be considered in the design and construction, to protect the anchor or rod from the construction damage due to the packing and packing of the packing. It is also the supporting beam of the front crane rail. The rear crane rail plan is built on the concrete PAZ4570 separately.


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