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sheet pile Type II


The design of type II sheet pile is carried out according to the requirements of BS5950-1. The optimum anchor location area is shown in Figure 11. By welding C9 hot-rolled section to main sheet pile at appropriate position and angle, a comprehensive joint pile can be formed. Firstly sheet pile manufacturers, the effective penetration level or the maximum depth of active pressure are determined.

The specified coating of SP-II steel sheet pile is used for sandblasting treatment to SA2.5, followed by a 250 micron Jotamastic 87. This level is the maximum moment level below the dredging line. The following figure illustrates the full range of hot-rolled special components available. Please note that the general corner will be provided as a single pile.

Resistance beyond this level began to emerge. If there is no maximum moment level, the effective penetration is considered to be the end of type 2 sheet pile.  Corrosion is believed to last 35 years. The two sides of the pile are 22 meters long and painted. The capacity of the designed beam maintains a safety factor of 1.2 under static conditions and 1.1 under seismic conditions. Types NS-SP, SKSP, TSP, FSP, GSP, ISP, JSP, KSP, NKSP JFE, JFESP are 400x100x10.5.

The special part is fixed on the main board pile by welding according to EN12063, and 200 mm is set back from the top of the pile to facilitate driving. As shown in the figure, the SP-2 sheet pile must be located in the passive wedge area to make full use of the grounding resistance. The coating is applied to the front top of the tubular pile at 22.3m and the back at 4m.


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