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sheet pile cofferdam_steel sheet pile types

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The steel pile enterprises because of low technology content and poor stability, so it is difficult for European companies and compete with each other, but with the reform and opening up, China's rapid development of industry, the introduction of advanced technology makes the steel sheet pile industry in China happened to turn the world upside down changes, can use steel sheet pile in China in the future some can improve. In the first half of twenty-first Century, the extensive application of steel sheet piles will create a new era in the field of hydraulic engineering and infrastructure construction in China, and achieve a new revolution in Chinese construction methods. According to market analysis, China will become a big consumer of steel sheet pile in the next 10 years. At present in our country the steel sheet pile has been widely used on the building yard, wharf, breakwater, revetment, diversion dike, buoy, dock, sluice, ground treatment, anti-seepage wall, retaining wall and other permanent, retaining wall, soil and sand mining and collapse prevention board, temporary cofferdam revetment, engineering, and temporary closure the center of the island to stop water retaining engineering.

Steel sheet pile is widely used in water sealing cofferdam and resisting natural disasters and other water seal maintenance process. At present, the annual consumption of steel sheet pile has reached about 3 million tons, of which about 1 million 400 thousand tons of European and American countries is almost half of the total, in the past 20 years, China imported a total of 230 thousand tons of hot-rolled steel sheet pile, its sales price is higher than ordinary profiles.

In addition, the steel sheet pile with better performance than steel sheet pile has been developed and used in our country. The effect in the construction of water retaining retaining wall is much better than that of steel sheet pile, and the development trend of Larson steel sheet pile in China can certainly exceed the traditional steel sheet pile.


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