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sheet pile installation_sheet pile retaining wall

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Classification of steel sheet pile used in construction

With the development of industrialization in China, the application of steel sheet pile in China is more and more frequent, and the demand is increasing. But at the same time, the steel sheet pile industry is in the initial stage, both in production process, technical standards, industry standards are in the exploratory stage, there are many deficiencies and sheet pile installation worth exploring.

At present, domestic demand mainly relies on imports, in which Larson III and IV steel sheet piles are the main ones. The products are mainly used in submarine foundation, because of its low cost, has a strong alternative to hot rolled steel sheet pile, but also influenced by the thickness and bending locking technology and other factors, resulting in weight gain, the accuracy is not to control the formation of defects is difficult to make up for the lack of the necessary conditions, widely used.

At the same time, there is no unified standard of steel sheet pile and the relevant industry standards in China, which has not formed a complete system, which makes the popularization and application of domestic steel sheet pile largely restricted.

Materials for building materials known as Larson steel sheet piles So what are the classifications of the methods used in the construction of steel sheet piles?

1、Vibration method of piling hammer with vibration;

2、Press pile method with pile driver;

3、piling method combined with spiral drilling;

4. Piling method with pile hammer.


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