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sheet pile manufacturers_sheet pile profiles

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Construction process and sequence requirements of steel sheet pile support

The steel sheet pile is put into the earth by hydraulic hammer, and the underground pipelines and structures are identified before the attack, so as to avoid serious damage to some underground facilities during the course of the construction. The center line of the retaining pile must be measured before it is struck. Considering the steel sheet pile is longer, the steel sheet pile manufacturers is easy to lean to one side, because the tilt error accumulation is not easy to correct, it is difficult to control the flatness of steel sheet pile wall, so the steel plate pile construction should be screen driven method.

(1) the position of steel sheet pile should meet the design requirements for foundation construction of concrete box culvert, which is most prominent in the edge of foundation have supported mould and demoulding room.

(2) before the pile driving, the steel sheet pile should be checked one by one, and the steel sheet pile profiles with serious corrosion and deformation of the locking joint can be removed, and the unqualified person can be used after being repaired.

(3) the plane layout of retaining wall steel sheet pile should be straight and tidy as far as possible, so as to avoid irregular corner, so as to make use of the standard steel sheet pile and support setting.

(4) in the whole foundation construction period, in the excavation, lifting, reinforcing bars, pouring concrete and other construction work, it is strictly prohibited to crash support, prohibit arbitrary demolition support, prohibit cutting on the support arbitrary, welding, What does AU and PU represent in U steel sheet pile should not be placed on the support of heavy objects.


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