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sheet pile type 5,SP-VL ,NS-SP,SKSP, TSP, KSP

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Sheet pile is made up of FSP-VL or FSP VL material, and its size and size are provided on the floor plan. Steel sheet piles are very flexible, resulting in re distribution of earth pressure or different from the traditional distribution of hydrostatic pressure. Temperature - running temperature does not damage the function of A-30. When sealing or trenching JFE sheet piles and placing rods or bolts, they usually need to be excavated. According to the underground conditions of NS-SP, the dewatering system may consist of sump and pump or well. This is due to the interdependence between the type of deflection of SKSP embedded in VL sheet pile or the corresponding distribution of yield and passive earth pressure. However, in very few cases, if the driving temperature causes the material to burn, it may be physically damaged. A gap caused by driving.

During the piling operation, the soil may be scraped and may form a gap near the web and flange of the JFESP sheet pile. Normally, these voids are first pumped without any water, which is due to leakage or rainwater and then filled with cement bentonite mortar. With the increase of SP VL flexibility sheet pile manufacturers, the output of the embedded part of the TSP presents a rotation characteristic around the lower edge of the partition, causing the center of the passive pressure to move closer to the dredging line.

Sheet pile has excellent resistance to type 5 or VL or SP-VL performance. It is recommended to use clean sand and gravel as backfill for retaining walls as far as possible. Therefore, the reduction of the maximum NKSP moment calculated by the free earth support method is neglected.


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