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sheet pile wall

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The types of steel sheet pile are divided into U steel plate pile, linear steel sheet pile, composite steel sheet pile, U type steel sheet pile in steel sheet pile type is the most, its cross section coefficient is 529 x 10-6m3 - 382 x 10-5m3/m. It is often used in temporary structures because it is suitable for repeated use. The shape of the lock mouth is located at the neutral axis of the wall. The linear steel sheet pile has the characteristics of high strength at both ends of the locking part. It is mainly used as shell material for steel sheet pile unit type construction method. Composite steel sheet pile is assembled with two U sheet pile into a cylinder and welded. Large sectional coefficient can be obtained by fitting the steel sheet pile appropriately. According to the design, the construction conditions can change the length of the assembly.

U type and linear type sheet pile wall are made by rolling process in iron and steel plant. There are some differences in the details of the equipment or factory of the calender, but the steel sheet pile is roughly produced by the following steps:

Steel sheet pile is made of large steel embryo or flat steel embryo heated in the heating furnace to 1250 degrees before and after rolling. The roll shape with complex shape passes through many times and gradually forms the final section shape at one point and one point. The rolled steel sheet pile is cut off under the high temperature condition according to the length of the product. After cooling, What are the geological requirements for constructing large steel storage and storage facilities the steel sheet piles rectify the bending and warping produced by rolling through the roller straightener.


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