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sheet piles AU, PU,GU


It is suggested that all sheet piles used in the main wall are custom-designed piles specially suitable for this project. AU14, AU16, AU18, AU20, AU23, AU25 sheet piles are all from Acelor. The complete calculation of section modulus derivation of custom piles and standard piles is provided to customers and their engineers sheet pile manufacturers. The backfill in the anchorage zone should be fixed to obtain the required resistance. However, near the wall, the material should be porous enough to allow adequate drainage. Table 3 shows the part of GU sheet pile before corrosion loss.

The modular design of PU sheet pile can change the thickness of the sheet to adapt to different stress levels and corrosion areas. The following table shows the approximate minimum diameter of a circular cofferdam constructed with various sheet piles. Drainage holes. PU12, PU12/10, PU18, PU22, PU28, PU32 sheet piles should be tapped on the wall at sufficient frequencies. They are usually used for HZ and OZ sheet piles.

For seawalls with insufficient elevation, it is recommended to use pebble or gravel yards to install drainage sites. Diameter is only used for guidance, because the actual interlocking deviation will be a function of the length of the pile, the section of the pile and the required penetration. Table 3 shows the section modulus and bending capacity of each section of GU sheet pile before corrosion loss. All calculations are carried out in accordance with the guidelines specified in Part 5 of BS 5950. A smaller diameter can be achieved by introducing a curved corner pile, but a larger diameter can be produced by using a pair of piles that have been pressed or welded. GU6N, GU8N, GU16N, GU18N, GU16-400, GU18-400 are better than Thyssen and Thyssenkrupp of sheet pile.

Hard surfaces made of reinforced concrete can also prove effective in preventing erosion caused by excessive expansion. It can be driven to form a complete circle without the need for corner piles. The maximum deviation angle of AZ pile is 5 degrees. This hard surface must be constructed on the basis of sufficient drainage to be effective.


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