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sheet piles GU21N GU22N GU23N

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Sheet pile cofferdam is a retaining structure, usually a temporary structure of GU 20N or GU 21N. It is used to support the side of deep foundation pit. A mixture of about 4 gallons of plastic buckets. It is important to bear in mind that at this stage of GU20N research, conclusions are valid only for geotechnical conditions in each location sheet pile manufacturers , and can not be extrapolated without specific tests. The measuring bucket is marked as 7.5 quart (1/2 or moderate amount of resin).

This structure is usually made up of (a) vertical steel sheet piles supported by longitudinal and pillar systems, (b) circular GU20N longitudinally and (c) prestressed connection plates. The measuring container is marked as 0.5 quart (1/2 of hardening agent or appropriate measure of requirement). * drilling and mixing paddles, however, this method is increasingly widely used in some countries, as well as very large projects, such as subway and railway GU 21N lines, resulting in a significant increase in the amount of data and the number of technical feedback. A container (coffee can, plastic GU21N container or distributor works best) used to pour A-30 into a interlocking device. The cofferdam is mainly used for excavation of multi-storey basement and trenches in construction, which must be supported on the ground to prevent subsidence or slide the level of the carpenter to check the level of the pile (should be a fairly long level).

The soil on the steel sheet pile is clay, slightly more than the consolidation of GU 22N and GU23N. It needs to use more than 6 meters depth of the hammer pile. Settlement near the ground is the most important problem, because this settlement will have a disastrous effect on the structural integrity of adjacent buildings. ARCELOR AZ18 and L3S sheet pile, long 9m, double pile drive - 2, 4 or 5 jet ends or direct jets per double pile. Clean - interlocking device must be clean. Use wire brush (hand or electric drill) to remove any loose rust or GU 22N debris. High pressure GU22N air is used to blow out gravel and debris in the interlocking device. Usually, in urban areas, the need to prevent sheet pile isolation compartment can also be used to build piers and abutments economically in shallow waters. The configuration of the survey investigated the following configuration: in general, the construction approach includes the following basic GU 23N steps: soil consistency is medium to good, with the following characteristics: 1. 2. horizontal pile - (prompt) level two parallel H beam or similar spacing of about 15 feet. This will save the evenness of each pile. Put the pile on the horizontal H beam. (a) apply steel sheet piles to the ground to a predetermined depth; and use equipment.

The driving equipment is GU20N and GU21N hydraulic vibrator and Delmag D22 diesel hammer. (b) during the excavation, a horizontal Welsh support supported by a supporting system is supported or supported by a prestressed GU23N joint; (c) the supporting system of each longitudinal system must be in place and tightened or prestressing before further excavation in order to prevent lateral deflection. The KSB rotary pump with single speed and dual discharge function (for 2 and 4 nozzles) provides jet water. The fifth jet is equipped with an additional piston pump. Sort the application so that the A-30 in the treated pile is solidified before moving.

SectionWidthHeightThicknessSectional AreaMassSection ModulusMoment of  Inertia

b mmh mmt mms mmcm2/mKg/mkg/mcm3/mcm4/m
GU Sections

GU 20N60043012.29.5172.381.1135192041320
GU 21N60045011.19.017481.9137206046380
GU 22N60045012.19.518386.1144220049460
GU 23N60045013.110.019290.4151233552510

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