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sheet piles OZ2


The origin of steel sheet piles can be traced back to more than 100 years ago. The performance test proves that the best effect can be obtained by thoroughly preparing the interlocking device before the construction of sealant. Ale Piling provides the design, supply, installation and extraction of steel sheet piles, plastic sheet piles, pipe piles, wood piles, King Post Walls, Cofferdams, retaining walls, etc.

OZ26, OZ27 and OZ28A are first formed into straight network segments. Not only is it difficult to clean and prepare interlocking devices on construction sites to meet the required standards, but the presence of weather conditions, temperature and humidity or surface moisture may be harmful to the bonding between sealant and sheet pile manufacturers.

OZ29A, OZ31A, OZ32 and OZ33 are used in the gravity structure of cell membrane. This and the development of continuous coil have a positive impact on the calculation of section modulus, and have the following advantages: we always maintain the inventory of old and new steel sheet piles, and there are a large number of factories and equipment available for rent, including pile drilling rigs, floating boats and tugboats! Once they are solidified, most sealant products are inert and therefore harmless, but the ingredients need to be treated with caution, as this operation introduces the possibility of exposure to potentially harmful substances and may involve the use of thermal fluids.

Over time, OZ34A, OZ36, OZ37, OZ38A, OZ40 evolve into corrugated profiles, which transfer the basic pile characteristics from tension to bending elements. By using sealants in workshops rather than in construction sites, the handling of these materials can be controlled by strict safety standards. Check out our case study page, where you can only see a small portion of our previous work in flood control, coastal defence, railways and various temporary projects.

Therefore, sheet pile is applied to retaining wall. As the U-Pile problem has been discussed in the industry experts, the steel plant has made great efforts to improve the sheet pile market. This work is limited to experienced personnel operating in controlled environments, and third parties will not take unnecessary risks. The basic changes of OZ26, OZ27, OZ28A, OZ29A, OZ31A and OZ32 are in the form of interlocking transition and continuity. Network. By moving the interlocking device symmetrically on both sides of the neutral axis, the rotation problem of its "U-Pile predecessor" is solved. As a professional marine and land, sheet pile and earthwork support contractor, we cooperate with small and large-scale projects. Interlocking preparation of new piles will ensure good adhesion between sealant and steel, reduce the risk of damage in driving piles and performance loss in use. Therefore, the next generation of Z-Pile is born. This has the effect of removing any rolled oxide or other harmful materials from interlocking and producing steel surface, so that sealants can be properly adhered to OZ33, OZ34A, OZ36, OZ37, OZ38A, OZ40.


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