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​sheet piles PAZ5360,PAZ 5370,PAZ5380,PAZ 5390

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If the PAZ5360 utility or the highway PAZ5370 drainage equipment must be located in the reinforced mass block sheet piles for sale , the wall of the sheet pile shall not be used except the highway drainage system can be placed in the reinforced PAZ 5390 soil (if it is vertical or vertical to the wall). These deformations occur. If PAZ5360 occurs during the construction stage, it can be easily considered and compensated when the upper structure is placed. It is held at least once a quarter (weather permit). Before the reduction, be confirmed to the captain. If deformation is associated with operational loads, their size may be extremely important for structural applicability. Coxswain will ensure a clear landing area before PAZ5370 starts lowering the lifeboat. Unless the establishment of the PAZ 5380 wall is sufficient or adequate erosion protection is provided to prevent erosion or scour, the MSE wall shall not be used in the floodplain to scour or scour the areas that may destroy the reinforced soil. Only the relevant personnel need to rehearse. During the exercise, others should not be on the ship.

The MSE wall can not be used to support abutment or pile abutment of shallow foundation, because the seismic displacement of the abutment will exert a greater force on the PAZ 5370 wall panel, and the geotextile steel will be connected to the PAZ5380 panel. Communication, visual / voice / radio, should always be maintained between ship and team leader. Since this type of steel sheet pile has never been used PAZ5380 or PAZ5390, it is not clear to determine the structural deformation of PAZ 5360 during the period of operation and during the service life of PAZ5390.  Once the lifeboat leaves the davit, only the captain will do anything to affect the landing of the ship.

The MSE wall can be used in front of the abutment supported by PAZ 5360, and the seismic force from the superstructure of the bridge is limited by the elastic support cushion of the upper structure of the supporting bridge. This is the main reason why the PAZ 5360 proposal was rejected by PAZ 5370. No matter what the situation is, this policy is no exception. Before obtaining the PAZ5390 drill, the team leader will review and specify any other actions that will be taken. The classic design concept of the wharf wall of the large PAZ 5370 vessel has only one anchor near the top and a free span to the bottom of the harbor, and its size has reached almost the size of the ship needed for today's traffic. Only the captain will order the release of the PAZ 5380 ship from the mooring line, and only when he visually confirms that he is on the water. If the development of ships in the future will increase as they did in the past, there is an urgent need for a new concept of wharf wall. These limited seismic PAZ5380 forces should be considered in the design of MSE walls. The exercise will include the use of various equipment and should be carried out in a realistic way.

The design life of MSE walls before pile caps should be increased to 75 years.  However, there is still a pending problem in the structural deformation of PAZ 5390 during its service life, PAZ 5380. Once a month, to simulate the rehabilitation of injured persons in various areas of the ship. Before conducting the exercise, team leaders and first aid / CPR PAZ 5390 personnel will review and specify any other actions that will be taken.

Unless specific long-term PAZ5360 corrosion or enhanced soil degradation is carried out, the MSE wall will not be used in corrosive environments. A very promising way is multi anchored combined sheet pile wall. This static concept is well known from deep foundation pit, and the static stability of PAZ5370 is relatively strong.


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