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sheet piles SKZ 20,SKZ 22,SKZ 23,SKZ 24,SKZ 25

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The corrosion process of sheet pile is highly dependent on the environment of SKZ 20 and SKZ 22 and SKZ 23. Prolonged contact with water during transportation and / or storage will lead to premature expansion and loss of product adhesion. For design, setting the SKZ 20 value to 1.25 is enough, so S = 0.31. Therefore, the minimum stability number of sheet pile walls driven into cohesive soil should be about 0.31 times the appropriate safety factor. This is why it is recommended that these operations be performed in the case of SKZ20 opening the processed interlocking device (recommended master interlocking device) downward. In general, uncovered exposed SKZ 22 piles are corroded at different rates, averaging 2 to 10 mil per year sheet pile manufacturers, depending on the ambient air conditions, namely, rural and heavy industry. The traditional Swedish arc method used for unreserved soil slopes can also be used to check the stability of soils near sheet pile walls. In the first few years after SKZ23 exposure, the corrosion rate usually decreases. SKZ24 sheet pile can be installed by impact drive, vibration drive or jacking up. If you use vibrators, you must notice that the interlock does not exceed 130 degrees Celsius or 270 degrees. This method can be applied to soil with internal friction and cohesion, C. Figure 38 illustrates the method. It is not recommended to use plastic SKZ25 boards to cover SKZ22 (condensation).  Under these conditions, storage can be allowed for up to 3 months. The sheet pile driven by natural undisturbed soil has negligible corrosion rate due to the lack of oxygen below the ground level.

Steel sheet piles should be provided to avoid exceeding SKZ 24 and SKZ 25 Plumbing (1% is considered the maximum). Any water above the dredge line should be included in the weight of the slicing. The reader should refer to the standard text of soil mechanics, such as the soil mechanics basic knowledge of D. Taylor18, for more detailed discussion; as a result of oxygen supplement, the corrosion rate of SKZ 23 piles in organic or fresh fillings should be expected to increase. The SKZ23 safety factor is defined as the resistance torque divided by the driving torque. Resistance and driving torque are: in marine environment, corrosion rate is related to the type of water exposed by sheet pile. This method is also suitable for stratified SKZ22 sediments. The weight and resistance of each slice should be calculated using the soil properties of each layer.

Usually fresh water is the least SKZ20 or SKZ22 corrosive and brine, and pollutants and pollutants play a major role in enlarging their corrosiveness. The traditional method of calculating the anchorage force includes the assumption that the active pressure distribution is hydrostatic or triangular. The critical area of sheet pile exposed to water is the splash zone, that is, between the height of the still water and the upper limit of the wave action. In fact, the real SKZ24 distribution may be slightly different, and the corresponding anchor tension may be greater. Compared to the calculation. The corrosion rate in this area is much larger than that in fully submerged areas.

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