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sheet piling AU14,16,17


When one of the input options (click) is selected in the upper box, an overview of available paper piling is displayed in the lower box. Most or all samples shall be classified and indexed (water content, Atterberg limit, particle size), and shear tests shall be performed on selected representative undisturbed samples sheet pile manufacturers. This technology additionally introduces the use of sheet piles, wall types, sheet pile materials, classical design methods of wall stability, structural design, specifications and sheet pile installation for river restoration and stability projects. Consolidation tests should also be carried out if the settlement of AU 18 fine-grained foundation materials is needed.

To connect AU14 to AU16, select a stage in the Input Diagram window, and then use the check box in the box below to select the input that applies to the selected stage. Strength parameters [phi] and [c] are not inherent material properties, but depend on the applied stress, the degree of consolidation under these stresses, and the parameters of drainage conditions during shear. It does not solve flow stability; AU flow 14; this column at the bottom of the Input Diagram window shows the coordinates of the cursor's current position and the distance between the two points when the Measure the Distance between Two Points icon is selected from the Edit panel. AU 16 and river slope stability; or using sheet pile ecological, aesthetic or geomorphic consequences.

Therefore, steel sheet piles must be based on laboratory tests, which appropriately simulate these conditions expected in the field. Note: the "phase Overview" window can also be used to connect input to stages. Open the input window and double-click one of the input options in the upper box to display the input window where you can enter or adjust the input data. The same menu is provided on the menu bar. Information bar. Coarse materials (non cohesive). Coarse grained materials such as AU17 or AU18 are sufficiently permeable to produce excessive pore pressure when stress conditions change. Their shear strength is characterized by the internal friction angle (phi) determined by consolidation, drainage (S or CD) tests. The technology supplements the typical application of cantilever sheet pile walls in flow repair and stabilization projects. The value of coarse soil depends mainly on particle shape, grayscale and relative density. The type of sheet pile AU 20 applied on the sheet pile load, failure mode, stability design of cantilever wall, pile structure design and some structural considerations.

AU20 at the bottom of the main window displays the project title and enters it on the Identification tab of the Project Properties window. The failure envelopes drawn from the total or effective stresses are the same, and usually show zero C and phi values in the range of 25 to 45 degrees. The AU 17 at the bottom of the main window displays the description of the selected icon in the icon bar or the input window. Since it is difficult to obtain undisturbed coarse-grained soil samples, the values of phi are usually inferred from in-situ tests or based on conservative assumptions of material types.

SectionDimensionsMassMoment of inertiaModulus of section

WidthHeightThicknessPer pileWall





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