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sheet piling OZ1


All steel sheet piles supplied by the East are marked with a unique number and a manufacturing certificate is attached. Sealed wall piles can be used to prevent leachate from contaminating the ground or garbage and from leaking beyond the site boundary. ESC also has extensive quality control procedures, manufacturing procedures and inspection and testing procedures, which are fully documented and can be submitted to customers as required.

It should be noted that concrete and slurry wall systems are porous in the long run because they are relatively brittle materials sheet pile manufacturers. If cracks occur due to movement or exposure to load fluctuations, their water retention capacity will be reduced. This document provides certificates of raw materials used in the reactor, traceability of raw materials through the manufacturing process, quality inspection documents and independent test certificates. The O-Pile system is a fast-expanding construction method, using pipelines to form extremely solid foundations, barriers and retaining walls in an economical and effective manner. Large piles are produced according to the latest international standards of OZ13A, OZ14A, OZ15A, OZ16A, OZ17A, OZ18A. Sheet pile barriers provide a sealed solution on a smaller footprint, and they can be placed at the site boundary to maximize the included ground area. Let's think ahead. When you say delivery in 4 weeks, we hear 3.

Arcelor designed and provided OZ sheet piles for projects in New Zealand, Antarctica, Afghanistan, Australia, Chile, China, Haiti and Kenya. Sheet piles used in basements or as foundations around buildings can also be sealed to prevent gas and leachate from entering buildings from redeveloped brown sites. Every customer will encounter our reasons. In Mer Lion Metals, we understand and we will do our best to create seamless and worry-free solutions that meet your needs.

ThyssenKrupp has established production bases in Malaysia, China and the United Arab Emirates with an annual output of more than 100,000 tons. These traditional methods occupy a large area of the ground, usually formed far from the edge of the site and easy to leak. O-Piles provides a stronger, more efficient, more cost-effective alternative to high modulus wall beams and heavy Z in most parts of the world have agents. ESC sheet piles, including Mott MacDonald, Beca and many other names, are used on some of the most famous name-controlled sites in engineering design.

Traditionally, the obstacles to horizontal movement of liquids are made of clay levees or cement bentonite walls. OZ19A, OZ20A, OZ20, OZ21, OZ22. OZ23A, OZ24 can also be removed and reused or recycled in the future. In addition to quality products and trustworthy customer service, Mer Lion also ensures that you have patented steel pipe welded connectors to form continuous or composite steel walls. We have established working relationships with manufacturers of steel, paint, tie rod systems, tape winding systems, cathodic protection systems and all other items normally associated with sheet pile work in order to provide customers with complete packaging.


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