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sheet piling PAU 2440 PAU2450 PAU 2450

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Early simple sheet pile piling structures have used the same PAU2440 soil mechanics principle known in PAU2450 large structures now. More stringent provisions should be applied if the provisions of this manual are in conflict with the applicable local, state or federal safety and health laws, regulations and / or standards or contract documents. On the one hand, soil is a loading element, on the other hand, it is a structural load. Retaining walls are usually divided into gravity, semi gravity (or conventional), non gravity cantilever and anchorage sheet piles for sale. With the progress of the project, the "PAU2440 user manual" will be revised and updated. The aim of this manual is to establish and maintain a safe working environment for our employees, contractors, visitors and the public. The function of gravity wall is to resist lateral load through the weight of the wall. Gravity wall types include rigid gravity PAU 2460 walls, mechanical stabilized soil (MSE) walls and precast modular gravity walls. Everyone has the responsibility to assist in the following goals:

Steel sheet pile walls are similar to those of gravity PAU2460 or PAU 2440 walls, but they rely on their structural components to mobilize backfill deadweight to gain lateral load resistance. Therefore, the design of wharf wall is first evaluated by PAU 2450 initiative and passive earth pressure. At the beginning of 1776, Coulomb developed a theoretical method for calculating earth pressure, in which he assumed that when the shear strength of the soil reached the maximum, the active earth pressure on the retaining wall changed from the minimum PAU2450 to the minimum of PAU2450. The anchorage wall is limited by the PAU 2440 pulling element connected to the anchoring part through its structural components and may also resist lateral load by embedding its structural component part into the foundation material. The anchor can be a ground anchor, a passive concrete anchor, a passive pile anchor or a pile anchor.

Efforts to achieve PAU2460 zero accident / injury targets, careful systematic planning, implementation and implementation of appropriate safety procedures to avoid personal injury, property loss and loss of productivity. Non gravity PAU2460 cantilevered walls rely on wall structures partially embedded in foundation materials to mobilize passive resistance to resist lateral loads.

On the other hand, when the soil shear strength reaches the activation level of PAU2450, the passive earth pressure on the PAU 2440 wall pushed to the soil is the largest. This should include the positioning of all new employees, regular safety meetings, pre task planning and continuous safety training.

Up to now, this soil structure interaction is the basic concept of wharf wall design. Blum has adopted his sheet pile calculation method, and has formed the background of PAU 2450 or PAU 2460 according to EAU 2004 design concept. In the above wall type, many available retaining wall systems are proprietary. Their use requires appropriate contract requirements.

SectionDimensionsMassPer meter of wall

ThicknessWidthHeightSingle pileWallSection modulusMoment of inertiaSectional area

PAU 24404.0813293.039.048.05377 89761.1
PAU 24505.0813294.048.759.96699 85876.3
PAU 24606.0813295.058.371.880111 81391.4


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