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steel sheet pile Type III


The design of type II steel sheet pile is carried out according to the requirements of BS5950-1. The effect of known wall deflection reduces the moment on the pile due to the redistribution of stress in the soil. If the deflection is large, this reduction may be significant. In the wall design calculation report sheet pile manufacturers , the structural factor of static condition is 1.2 and the seismic condition is 1.1.

All type 3 sheet piles will be interlocked with any other part of the Arcelor hot-rolled series, except for straight mesh piles. The coefficient of reduction_d is defined as the ratio of reducing moment to theoretical moment under rigid conditions, which is determined by experience with the aid of design drawings. SP-III sheet piles are usually supplied without treatment holes. If necessary, they can be provided on the following central lines.

In determining the required structural capacity, the full yield strength of the material is used. Then the capacity of the main wall components is compared with the load determined in the holding process. Except FSP, NS-SP, SKSP, TSP and GSP, all SP-3 sheet piles can be interlocked. Type ISP, JSP, KSP, NKSP JFE, JFESP size 400 X125 x13. Because the material is elastic and deflects under transverse load, the moment of steel pile is allowed to decrease. Therefore, the rigid beam solutions given above will lead to over-design, sometimes with a large margin.

SectionDimensionsSectional AreaMassMoment of inertiaModulus  of section





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