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steel sheet pile wall_steel sheet pile installation

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Steel sheet pile wall is a very important building foundation material, it is used in many building construction, such as our cofferdam, railway (high-speed rail, subway) construction, as well as our flood control, as well as bridge water conservancy, its function is obvious. In the application of civil engineering, it has the advantages of convenient construction, fast efficiency, low hardware equipment requirements, especially seismic characteristics. According to different engineering, to simply change the appearance shape and length of steel sheet pile, so that it can make the structure design more economic and reasonable, but also more conducive to its use.

How to determine the steel sheet pile suitable for use in these places, and what kind of steel sheet pile installation is suitable, we need to know the steel sheet pile manufacturing process. Its manufacturing process is not complicated. It is the continuous cold bending deformation of the steel strip, so that the interface of the steel plate becomes our common Z, U, or other special shapes, and eventually it can be made into the plate which can be connected with each other through the lock.

Cold rolled steel sheet pile is a very important and dominant product. Steel sheet pile has good waterproof property. At the same time, because of its steel material, it is suitable for soft foundation and high water level foundation pit. And the construction is very simple. In addition, it is very easy to cut, it can adjust measures to local conditions. Therefore, most of the construction occasions can be used. Steel sheet pile can be reused, so there is no repeated purchase problems, can greatly reduce the cost of construction costs. The steel sheet pile is easy to manufacture, can adapt to local conditions, the shape is changeable, ASTM A690 Marine Grade Steel Sheet Pile and the construction method is simple, therefore, the use of steel sheet pile will become more and more extensive.


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