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steel sheet piles SN


Lightweight sheet piling produces a wide range of retaining wall solutions to meet almost all sheet pile applications. Omega 18 special connectors can also be connected together to form pairs of U-shaped piles to form jagged walls. Sheet pile can be provided in the width range of pile wall per meter, and the modulus of section varies from 500 to 8700cm3. As a result, the boundary between hot-rolled sheet piles and cold-formed sheet piles becomes more and more blurred, and there are more and more intersections in application. In this arrangement, the pairs of piles are directed to each other at 90 degrees, forming a deep wall with very high inertia and section modulus. This allows the selection of the most economical sheet pile to meet the design requirements and the expected construction methods.

The latest trend of steel sheet pile technology is thinner and wider production. In addition to rigid structure sheet piling prices, the inertia moment of each pile is relatively large, so reuse is allowed. ESC constantly strives to modify the existing design to better meet customer requirements, and introduces new pile series suitable for different applications. If the contribution is considered in the design process, the Omega 18 connector must also be welded.

Sheet piling is a type of service verified by designers and builders. U-shaped sheet piles are widely used in permanent structures, temporary retaining works and temporary cofferdams. N-IA, SN-I, SN-II are good news for consumers because they provide a wider alternative to sheet piles for almost all types of projects. The cross-section selection of such walls must include driving performance standards, and designers must ensure that they are cut off. The surface is pressed or welded together to ensure that shear force is transmitted through interlocking on the neutral axis.

At the same time, the improvement of steel leads to thicker plates used for cold rolling / forming sheet pile. The sheet pile has very high tensile strength in its interlocking part. It is suitable for SN-IA, SN-I, SN-II, SN-IIU, SN-II I U, SN-V, SN-VU.

We have always been able to customize the design configuration files to meet project specific requirements. Its section modulus ranges from 529 to 3,820 cm3 per meter of pile wall width. We can do almost unlimited contour options, such as SN-IIU, SN-IIIU, SN-V, SN-VU.

DimensionsWeightPer meter of wall

TypesThicknessWidthHeightPer pilePer wallModulus of SectionMoment of Inertia
SN-I A4   5250   25034   3510.3   12..941.2   51.631.6   39.271.2   89.2
SN-I4   5333   33334   3512.8   16.038.4   4845.0   55.076.5   96.0
SN-II4   5250   25039.5  40.511.3   14.245.2   56.860.0   71.6140.7 160.5
SN-II U4   5333   33345.5  46.514.2   17.942.6   53.7108   137385   476
SN-III U5   6333   33385   8719.3   23.357.9   69.9272   3302000  2480
SN-V6   7400   400149   15035.3   41.288.2   103473   5383550  4050
SN-VU5    6 7500   500    500160   161    16233.6   40.4    47.167.2   80.8   94.2452   540 6263620  4360 5080


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