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sheet piling Type IV


Type IV sheet pile is designed according to BS8081. The anchor should be as close to the bulkhead as possible, but far enough to use the complete passive earth pressure to resist the anchor tension sheet pile manufacturers. When it is necessary to increase the section modulus or inertia to meet the high bending moment of some pile lengths, it may be economical to attach the appropriate size plates to the bottom pan of the sheet piling Type IV to enhance the engineering properties of the section locally.

The vertical position should be higher than the groundwater level, but there should be enough overburden. Considering this option is usually economical, not only for long piles or when the pile is at the top of the range, but also for steel sheet piles of type 4. Type ISP, JSP, KSP, NKSP, JFE, JFESP all have good performance, and type FSP, NS-SP, SKSP, TSP, GSP field also has good configuration.

This is particularly important when the anchor tension is not horizontal, such as the practice of anchoring the bolt on the wall cover. The effects of various load conditions are considered. According to the representative soil parameters, the geotechnical engineering loads are calculated and the working loads are considered. The capacity of SP-IV sheet pile is designed to have 2.0 (non-corrosive) and 1.75 (corrosive) safety factors under static load. A separate additional tie rod is provided for the quick release hook. The tie-up load is not considered in the main backup system. SP-4 sheet pile should be located far enough to avoid increasing the load on the wall. Type IV sheet pile is 400x170x15.5

SectionDimensionsSectional AreaMassMoment of inertiaModulus  of section





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